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Red Rampant is a first person narrative video game set during Robert the Bruce’s successful wrestle for the Scottish crown. A guerrilla campaign against the medieval world’s greatest military force amid sharpening knives in every shifting shadow as Bruce’s ego makes enemies in every corner of the country.  Detaching yourself from the romance and emotional connection with this, the most supreme of underdog tales, it’s difficult to not rationally conclude that this was simply not only improbable but downright impossible… and yet it happened.  Somehow the impossible happened, not in an instant but through the culmination of a thousand micro victories and bruised arms holding strong. Whilst Bruce, his loyal followers and a healthy serving of luck are accredited in the history books, it was the player, a boy-turning-man from a hamlet, who made this unfeasible scenario possible.   The default outcome of our narrative is crushing annihilation for the fledgling Scottish rebellion, but through the enigmatic rewind drug, gifted by the shrouded figure of The Alchemist, the player can literally reverse defeat and steal victory. Splintering the static timeline into many dispersing shards, some promising hope and others the blackest doom.

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